4 Best Investing Apps For Beginners And Useful Tips

  • Kinrot
  • May 20, 2024

Current technological developments have made it easier to investing in foreign stocks, especially US stocks. Because you can create an account anytime, anywhere, using just your mobile phone or laptop,

Unfortunately, however, this convenience comes with the ease of data theft online and the many investing apps and websites that claim to be from outsiders, when in fact then Investment Warning Working Group declared them as rogue apps or websites.

4 Best Investing Apps For Beginners

According to Investbro, the 4 best  investing apps for buying foreign stocks are:

1. Schwab Mobile

Schwab Mobile is an application released in 2011 by Charles Schwab Corporation, a well-known US brokerage firm. Currently, this application has been downloaded by over 1 million users through his Android application.

Here are some of the features provided:

Product Types: Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Options,

Feature :

  • Open a trading position.
  • Real-time information.
  • Investment management.
  • Your latest notifications are private to you and others.
  • Schwab Corporation is an American brokerage firm founded in 1971. As of 2019, it had more than 12.3 million clients using brokerage services.
  • Therefore, the services of this company are suitable for those who want to buy shares of American companies or list them in the country stock exchanges, such as AAPL and MSFT.

2. Thinkorswim

Another application also released by a foreign brokerage is Thinkorswim Mobile. The app was created in 2010 by TD Ameritrade, a US brokerage firm.

Like The Charles Schwab Corporation, TD Ameritrade is also a brokerage firm he founded in 1971. The company claims on its official website that it conducts 11 million transactions for 500,000 customers every day. This includes 1 million users who have downloaded his Thinkorswim app on the Google Play Store.

Product Types: Stocks, Options, Futures, and Forex

Feature :

  • Automatically contact an investment advisor.
  • Real-time information.
  • Complete information from media partners such as CNBC.
  • Demo account.
  • Full account functionality
  • Full educational service.

 3. E*Trade

The third-best offshore brokerage firm is E*Trade. Like the two previous companies, this is also a US-based company overseen by the SEC. The company was founded in the early 1980s and, to date, has served over 5 million investors with total assets of over US$360 billion.

The E*Trade app itself is a new product from the company. After being set back by the financial crisis of 2007–2009, the company released an online app of investing for beginners and also for experts. Currently, the app has been downloaded by over 1 million users and has received 4.2–5 reviews.

Product Type: US Stocks, Options, ETFs

Feature :

  • No fees.
  • Real-time information.
  • Complete educational features and investment tools information from third parties (Bloomberg). This is such a good real estate investing for beginners.
  • A special notice to our customersfull educational service.

4. Trading View

TradingView is an online trading and stock futures investing app developed by TradingView Inc. Some sources say the company is based in Ohio, USA, while some other sources say the company is based in the United Kingdom.

Besides being centrally located, TradingView offers complete online trading functionality. So it’s no wonder the app is now downloaded by over 10 million users, and it has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store.

Product Types: 100,000 stock products include 50 exchanges, bonds, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and indices.

Feature :

  • Real-time information.
  • Complete educational features and investment tools.
  • A special notice to our customersIt can be accessed from the website.
  • Demo account.
  • The first trial also allows you to use the TradingView website for free with ads.
  • 10 complete chart templates and technical indicators such as Fibonacci retracements, moving averages, and more
  • Full scan function Investors and traders need this screening feature to select the best stocks according to their chosen technical indicators.
  • This screening feature allows investors to easily screen thousands of stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.

3 Stock Investment Tips for Beginners

How to start investing in stocks? Well, it is increasingly recognized by various groups, including today’s youth. Apart from facilitating online trading, there is no denying that high return potential is the main attraction.

Investing in stocks can be difficult. Try these three tips on how to start investing and help you become a better stock investor.

1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

If you put all your eggs in one basket, the eggs may crack if the basket falls. When you do all kinds of investing such as real estate investing, don’t put all your capital into one investment. Allocate money to some investments.

Your diversification protects you. Imagine that if your investments decrease, at least you have other positive investments left. When you need money, you can cash in on investments that give you a positive return first.

Diversification can improve profits and reduce market risk. Diversification is very useful for stabilizing assets. For example, you can choose her three blue-chip stocks in different sectors such as banking, consumer goods, and energy.

You can breathe a sigh of relief that your holdings of consumer stocks are still safe when interest rate sentiment influences the movement of bank stocks.

2. Plant a commitment in you

Know that investing in stocks is not only a skill but also an important way to maintain a constant passion. Just like sowing seeds, they need to be watered regularly to ensure that they germinate and bear fruit.

First, define the investment period. Long-term stocks with big capital that are reasonably stable is the best way of investing for beginners. The “fruit” is usually produced from the “seeds” planted over the years and from the dividends and capital gains received when the shares are sold.

3. Don’t buy a cat in a bag.

Investing is not guesswork! Do not guess the mangosteen fruit. Just like starting a business, you should research whether the business possibilities you want to choose are good for the future.

A company’s future performance is usually reflected in the movement of its stock. The more confident an investor is in a stock, the higher the stock usually tends to be.

If the company is doing well and the stock is liquid, don’t hesitate to invest heavily in these stocks. Stock in a good company should be worth more than its debt. It also gives you confidence to invest in the future and get results.

While not always foolproof, these three tips can definitely help you get better at investing in stocks. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.